A model for sustainable and affordable housing for environmentally friendly dwellers.

Live beyond material gains and attachments. Redirect your energy toward your personal development and
enlightenment and invite others to join in this dialogue.

Original custom design
Designer and builder: Jerome Levin
Location: Roslyn Harbor, New York
Area: 125 sqft
Year: 2013

Frame construction structure
Concrete foundation - Sonotube footing
Hurricane straps reinforcement
LP SmartSide siding panels
Asphalt shingles
sheetrock interior
Laminate flooring
Fiberglass insulation
Cedar trim
Red oak furniture
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    This is a small garden retreat that both
children and adults can enjoy. Consisting of
just 125 square feet, it includes a study area,
entertainment area, and a handcrafted
collapsible oak loft bed. A surveillance system,
in-wall wiring for audiovisual components,
speakers, an intercom, and internet
connectivity are all technological features of
the space. A pocket door was also custom
designed to maximize the interior usable
space. This garden retreat — coined a
Metapod — can also be adapted to be used
as a sustainable, affordable, and off-the-
power grid housing. A feeling of peace and
communality from a chaotic world sets it apart
from other garden retreats and gives it an
almost monastic feel. All of these features
contribute to the singularity and character of
this project.